Our Fleet

As of August 2020, the profile and deployment of our fleet is the following:

Name Type Dwt Year Built Employment(*) TCE Rate ($/day)
EKATERINI Kamsarmax 82,000 2018 TC until Apr-21 Hire 106% of the Average Baltic Kamsarmax P5TC(***) index
XENIA Kamsarmax 82,000 2016 TC until Nov-2020 Hire 101% of the
Average Baltic P5TC
index*** with a floor at
ALEXANDROS P. Ultramax 63,500 2017 Guardian Navigation GMax LLC Pool Pool revenue from Aug. 2018
EIRINI P. Panamax 76,466 2004 TC until Apr-21 Hire 99% of Average BPI** 4TC
STARLIGHT Panamax 75,845 2004 TC until Sep-20 Hire 100% of Average BPI**4TC
TASOS Panamax 75,100 2000 TC until Oct-20 $9,000
PANTELIS Panamax 74,020 2000 TC until Oct-20 $11,500
Fleet Grand Total 7 528,931

(*) Represents the earliest redelivery date
(**) BPI stands the Baltic Panamax Index; the average BPI 4TC is an index based on four-time charter routes.
(***) The average Kamsarmax Baltic P5TC Index is an index based on five Panamax time charter routes.